Aster DM Healthcare

Aster DM Healthcare, the Group that began a remarkable journey with a single clinic over three decades ago, is leading healthcare conglomerate in the Middle East and India today. The Dubai-headquartered Group has diversified to offer comprehensive healthcare services to all segments of the society through its brands, Medcare, Aster and Acess. In its quest for excellence, DM Healthcare provides healthcare of the highest quality in the geographies they operate in.

The challenge

ASTER has been primarily perceived as a South-Asian brand. The challenge was to change this perception of ASTER and establish it as a multi-national brand catering to diverse society segments and nationalities.

The solution

  • All activities of the brand, its operations, expansions, senior level appointments, major milestone surgery cases, etc, were leveraged highly in the media.
  • Interviews with senior management of DM Healthcare, including Dr. Azad Moopen were placed in key media and important industry stories
  • Doctors of ASTER and Medcare were regularly placed in key industry features
  • Regular educational columns were initiated with leading news dailes
  • Regular networking meetings between key media and the DM Healthcare management
  • Openings of new outlets, hospitals were leveraged greatly in the media to ensure high visibility

The impact

  • Established Medcare and ASTER as opinion leaders and a leader on all subjects with regard to the healthcare industry
  • High brand perception and recall – media now contacts the agency for comments from ASTER and Medcare
  • PR campaigns have seen an ever increasing PR value month over month.
  • Consistent presence in all major news dailies, broadcast and healthcare and consumer magazines
  • ASTER has seen a rise in customers from all society brackets
  • Watermelon went on to propose and partner with several CSR campaigns launched by ASTER and Medcare, connecting the brand directly with the government, industry leaders and communities in the UAE and in India