Public Relations

We bring to every engagement an unrelenting client focus, a passion for our clients' businesses, innovative and creative strategies and a commitment to offer results. Our understanding of how PR works, coupled with our outside-in approach helps us resourceful strategies by following these processes.

  • assessing and analyzing the need for PR
  • understanding the target audiences
  • devising innovative PR strategies that is in sync with your business objectives
  • marry the PR objectives with your overall business goals
  • set short term and long-term PR goals and adopt various initiatives/tools to reach them
  • deliver results
  • measure delivered results


With extensive experience in PR across industries, we have built a reputation around sound strategy, operational excellence, effective execution and the philosophy of growth through retention. Through in-depth market insights and practical execution, we have developed a wide scope of experience in various fields, including:

  • Healthcare
  • Banking and finance
  • Technology
  • Corporate
  • Public affairs
  • Education
  • Consumer marketing
  • Real estate

Crisis management

We offer specialized services in crisis communications planning, crisis response and crisis recovery. We also help you secure a favorable exposure to your public.

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Reputation management

At Watermelon, we are committed and dedicated to providing knowledgeable strategic counsel and consistent approach to stakeholder relationship management.

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Media training

It is essential that your executives know exactly what to say to the media and how to handle them. Our training will help your spokesperson speak to the media with confidence, credibility and authority, therefore helping you to establish a strong picture with the media. We prepare you for every media opportunity facing you and your company. Our customized media training sessions will provide you realistic insight into how the media works and how best to deal with journalists.

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